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Enroll now in our free online data science bootcamp. This bootcamp contains a beginner-friendly curriculum that will cover everything from zero to hero in data science.
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We gather the best free online learning resources and organize them into a structured curriculum that you can easily follow

Why pay for expensive online coding bootcamps when you could learn all the topics for free? All you need is a roadmap of free learning resources to follow.

Best Courses

We meticulously find the best rated free online courses that are not voted by experts, but by millions of learners like you!

Top Instructors

We seek the top online instructors that received the highest rating from learners, not the instructors that market themselves the best

Great Tutorials

We gather deeply engaging tutorials where you could watch and practice along to really learn by doing

Engaging Projects

We hand pick the best project ideas and sample code from the web to help you build a portfolio that will make you shine!

$0 Tuition

All the content in each bootcamp is completely FREE to access. You only need to create a free account to start learning! You will even have your own personal dashboard to track learning progress.

Completely free

The Freedom to Learn Anywhere, Anytime

We believe that learning is about meeting individual needs. The bootcamps here are entirely online and flexible, which means you can learn at your own pace, with no restrictions on time and location.

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Our website is 100% mobile-friendly and allows you to learn on any mobile device you own.

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The testimonials below are not real. They are here only for the purpose of demonstration. We will add real testimonials once we receive them.

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Open Bootcamps allows me to learn data science entirely for free. This is awesome!

Jane Foster, NY

The content provided here is comparable to that in any paid online coding bootcamp.

Mike Ross, WD

The curriculum is similar to what you usually get from a $10k bootcamp.

Veronica Cullen, MH

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