8 Tips to Master Python Easily – Beginner to Advanced [Secret Sauce incl]


My tips on how i learnt this high demand programming language fast. Including tips tricks and more importantly strategy that works if you are keen on learning the programming language.

My recommendation of Python Book – Python for Dummmies
My recommendation for skillshare course – Course by Jason Cannon[Cannot paste link here :(]

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  • Coder Monk
    January 20, 2021

    Sir any tutorial on flutter webrtc in real world?

  • Coder Monk
    January 20, 2021

    I have some question and some advice from you. Recently, I have learn Python, for about five months ago. Then, just for the sake of building my own mobile app with Flutter, I left Python totally. Then, two days ago, I’ve got the job offer for Python vacancy, which that job is related to Django Rest Framework and Machine Learning. I have tried all my best to recover back of my Python skills by refer back the set, tuple, OOPs, database integration between Python and MySQL, and others that I think I weak and I quite struggle this until I feel like I want to give up. Do you think what I am doing at this moment, which is recover back my Python skills by starting from scratch, is a good move?

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