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Each yr, Dataquest surveys a big quantity of our learners to higher perceive how they assessment Dataquest, and the way the talents we train are impacting their lives.

In 2020, we despatched our survey to over 5,000 Dataquest learners. To encourage honesty, we allowed survey respondents to stay nameless. At the deadline, we obtained 656 survey responses. Then, we crunched the numbers, and browse by means of the tales our learners shared. 

Here are some of the issues we discovered, and a few of the tales we discovered:

Recommend Dataquest for profession development

This is per the outcomes of our 2019 survey, through which 96% of respondents beneficial Dataquest for bettering your profession.

Among learners who modified jobs after utilizing Dataquest, 90% moved into jobs that require information abilities.

“Dataquest has changed my life for the better by teaching me new skills and helping me to switch to a much better career.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

“I was able to switch careers after finishing Dataquest and it was life-changing and empowering.” 

– Dataquest learner in Germany

“I am being seen as an important member of my organization, with more responsibilities. I am getting the attention and trust that I always wanted my employer to have in me.” 

– Dataquest learner in Qatar

“I changed to a new career, I’m excited about my job. I have had several promotions since and feel more relaxed now that my job is fulfilling.” 

– Dataquest learner within the Czech Republic

“I feel more comfortable using data, which allows me to make better decisions at work.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

Dataquest abilities have already improved their lives

Many survey respondents are at present finding out on the platform, so this consequence means that their new information abilities are making an influence even earlier than learners attain their studying targets.

dataquest reviews on improving life

“I feel more secure in my future.” 

– Dataquest learner in Singapore

“I’m taking a break in my career to help raise a child. Dataquest has helped me feel like I’m still learning and developing my skills, instead of just sitting on the sidelines.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

“I’m able to compete in Kaggle more and feel more confident.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

“Learning with Dataquest has changed my paradigm of learning and instilled a sense of quiet self-confidence which is helping me in other areas of life as well.” 

– Dataquest learner in India

Median wage improve after Dataquest

Many respondents have been nonetheless finding out, and a few people examine on Dataquest to enhance effectivity at their present jobs. Among those that did report a post-Dataquest wage change, the median was a US$30,000 improve in yearly wage.

“I doubled my income in one year.” 

– Dataquest learner in Canada

“Being able to change careers, and doing so without taking a pay cut — I actually got a pay increase — was awesome.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

Going from 15k to 170k in salary…There’s no comparison!” 

– Dataquest learner within the Netherlands

“I automated some tasks to do more while spending less time. Also, I got a salary increase due my new skills.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

“Dataquest allowed me to find a role doing more work I enjoy and get paid more, which is good for other parts of my life.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

Rate Dataquest as a very good or nice funding

When requested concerning the worth of their Dataquest subscription utilizing a 1-10 scale, 91% reported they’d achieved a optimistic return on their funding. Of these, 85% mentioned their Dataquest subscription was an amazing worth (ranking it an 8, 9, or 10 out of 10). Fewer than 5% of all respondents rated Dataquest beneath 5 (break even) in phrases of worth.

“I’m still taking Dataquest courses, and it was the best investment of my life!” 

– Dataquest learner in Russia

Dataquest really made my life better. I purchased the course when it was on sale, but now I would happily pay full price for another year.” 

– Dataquest learner in Japan

Learned Python or R from scratch with Dataquest

Dataquest’s programs do not require conditions and even any programming expertise. Most of our learners reported having little or no expertise with R or Python earlier than starting their research.

I had no background in computer science, but now I can use Python to simplify my work with Excel and it’s fun!” 

– Dataquest learner in Indonesia

“With Dataquest, I was able to test into the advanced programming track at my educational institution.” 

– Dataquest learner within the United States

I feared coding, statistics, and mathematics. But Dataquest, through its method of learning, has made me realize that I am good at what I was scared of before. I can now go beyond to read and know more, which is a step forward to my career.” 

– Dataquest learner in Nigeria

“Data science never felt this easy before, and I‘m not scared to do programming anymore!” 

– Dataquest learner in India

Dataquest was their main or solely useful resource

Dataquest’s profession paths present a seamless course sequence that may take learners from complete newbies to job-qualified for roles like Data Analyst in R or in Python, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer. 

Why did college students favor Dataquest to different studying platforms?

Respondents listed all kinds of causes. Here are the 4 most typical responses:

Learning paths: 65% of respondents mentioned Dataquest’s profession paths have been one of Dataquest’s benefits over different platforms.

Guided tasks: 61% of respondents mentioned Dataquest’s guided tasks have been one of the explanations they most popular to be taught on Dataquest.

Text-based classes: 59% of respondents mentioned Dataquest’s interactive classes and coding made it higher than video-based platforms.

Great explanations: 58% of respondents mentioned Dataquest defined ideas higher than different platforms.

How a lot time does it take to be taught on Dataquest?

75% of respondents who mentioned they’d already met their studying targets on Dataquest reported that they have been in a position to take action by finding out ten or fewer hours every week.

Nearly all learners who met their targets on Dataquest did it in below one yr.

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