Data Science Project Example by Flipkart Data Scientist


In this video, you will get to know What Data Science Projects do real-life Data Scientists work on. Hear from Flipkart Data Scientist, Abhishek, about his experience working on a lending problem in the e-commerce sector.
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Hi everyone! Today we have Abhishek Periwal with us. Abhishek is a machine learning data scientist at Flipkart and today he will be talking about how he got started in data science, how his journey has been and any advice that he has for new people who are looking to start in data science.
Can you run us through some of the problems, projects that you handled while at Flipkart?

I majorly worked in landing industry, so one of the problems like it is traditional problem is which is each industry is working on is predicting whether the customer if we are giving a particular credit line or credit product to the customer, will he payback or will she payback or not. So that is like one of the problems which we are solving. So how it is different in Flipkart, the thing is, the data other NBFCs banks are having the credit history of the customer, so we are solving it with a different dimension. We are looking into the purchase history of the customer and we are solving according to his budget behavior, his or her activity on Flipkart.
So, it starts from feature engineering first, you have to create the features which could be relevant. Now it is about EV testing because you don’t know the past of the person, whether he is a good customer or not. So you have to choose an experimental segment, experiment on that, then you build a model which is biased then you create another model to remove the biases of the previous model. So things keep iterating and going in a better and better way. So this is one of the projects and projects which I am working on is still in the development phase. I hope we will have a good product by the end of this year.



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    December 3, 2020

    Where is the example?

  • Springboard India
    December 3, 2020

    Thanks Abhishek… Could you please make another video explaining your journey to ML/Data Scientist. It will help us.

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