Data visualisation – Design and principles


Presented: 22 March 2018
A good data visualisation does not only convert large amounts of data into images, but when done well, it engages the viewer and tells a story. It draws the viewer in and allows them to explore the data and see patterns in data that they were not previously aware of.

this is the first of a two part webinar series to learn more about data visualisation from Martin Schweitzer, Data Technologist, ANDS. This webinar will focus on design and principles, while the second will focus on tools and techniques. Come to one or come to both!

After webinar one, you will no longer see visualisations in the same way, but have a more critical and appreciative eye when viewing both your own visualisations and those of others. You will also have a basic toolkit of principles to apply when either looking at data or improving it.

Besides explaining how to improve visualisations, Martin will also be presenting examples of good and bad visualisations (some from his own work).

Slides and transcript available from the ANDS presentation page:



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