Data Visualization: collection blooms


Everything that is currently on view in the museums’ galleries as a series of blooms.

Approximately 1,800 objects represented as a point and a thread. The color of each thread is determined by the predominant color found in the object. This video shows three versions of a bloom. The first shows objects as points. The second shows objects as points and threads. The third shows objects as points and threads along with its title. Thread length is determined by the total count of page views for the object from May 2009 to March 2015.

Data from Harvard Art Museums API
Built with Processing

The code is at

This is part of a series of raw, unedited experiments in data visualization and new modes of user interaction conducted by the Harvard Art Museums’ department of Digital Infrastructure and Emerging Technology. These videos are published as a way to share the experimentation that takes place within the department as it strives to achieve its mission of “doing good things with interesting data.”



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  • Harvard Art Museums
    January 5, 2021

    hello havard ~ may i ask what kinda s/w used for this and is this reflect real data basis?

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