Deep Learning on Apple M1 Silicon LIVE


So what does the Deep Learning workflow on the new Apple M1 Silicon ‘system on a chip’ look like? I just bought an M1 Mac Mini so we can find out together during this week’s live game. We’re going to be installing Docker, CUDA, Tensorflow, and looking into the internals of Apple’s Neural Engine to see how it all works. Start studying Apple’s Neural Engine & their ML Compute framework!

This week there will again be 3 winners. I will chose 3 people who answered 3/3 questions correctly to each receive $175 in BTC/ETH/USDC. Everyone on earth is eligible. Each of the questions will be related to Apple Machine Learning technology. Will we be able to build something useful? Find out live, see you then!

Sign up for Code Royale before we close the waitlist in a few days:

Answer live questions here:

Join the Code Royale discord server to connect with other Data Wizards before & after the stream:

This week’s study curriculum to prepare for the game below:

Gloss over Apple’s ML Compute Framework:

Look at this Mac optimized Tensorflow code:

My friend George Hotz was streaming some amazing m1 hacking earlier, look through some of this:

Read the CUDA quick start:


Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months for free:


This week’s prize money was sponsored by Zilliqa: – Zilliqa Developer Portal – Scilla Documentation



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