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We are a free and open online learning bootcamp that cover topics such as data science, web development, UX design, software engineering, etc

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We believe education should be open and free to everyone. Therefore, we hand-picked the best free online learning resources on topics such as data science, UX design, software engineering, and web development and organized them into structured curriculums that anyone could easily follow to get started and dive deep in these areas.

All course contents are completely free. All you need to do is sign up for an account and start learning. We do have maintenance costs for this website so you would still see advertising on this website. Additionally, some optional sections of the courses might contain referral links to purchase learning materials such as books, other online courses, etc. However, those types of contents are completely optional and are only recommended as further readings or learning for the students who are interested.

We spend a lot of time to find the best online instructors who provide their teaching completely for free on various websites. These are usually highly rated instructors whose courses are comparable in quality to those on paid platforms.

Currently we are only providing courses on this website. In the future, we might provide additional services should there be popular demand.