Fundamentals of Data Visualization using Tableau


About the Session:

This is a hands-on Live Session on the Fundamentals of Data Visualization using Tableau, where we will learn the following topics.
• What is Data Visualization and why is it important.
• Data Visualization Process
• How to visualize data in Tableau
• Some of the best practices used in the industry

About the Speaker:

Aarthi is currently working as a Lead Data Scientist at Allianz, Belgium where she applies Data Science for solving Sales and Marketing problems in the Insurance sector. She is an ex-entrepreneur who has hands-on experiences in business intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. We thank her for giving us a chance to learn through her and her experiences.

This session is a part of our weekly live sessions that enable us get closer to our mission, ‘Democratize Data Science Learning’.

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Aarthi Kumar:

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