Generating Poetic Texts with Recurrent Neural Networks in Python


In this video we are creating our first AI project. It is a recurrent neural network that generates poetic texts, similar to those of Shakespeare!

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  • NeuralNine
    November 28, 2020

    Hey, nice tutorial, i do get ValueError: Input 0 of layer sequential not compatible with the layer on the predictions = model.predict

  • NeuralNine
    November 28, 2020

    yo for some reason theirs error coming up here
    x = np.zeros((len(senteces), SEQ_LENGTH, len(characters)), dtpye=np.bool)

    y = np.zeros((len(senteces), len(characters)), dtpye=np.bool)

    saying SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  • NeuralNine
    November 28, 2020

    very cool !!

  • NeuralNine
    November 28, 2020

    Can you upload more python for networking and "ethical hacking"? Continue your videos are awesome

  • NeuralNine
    November 28, 2020

    How can I import my own file in the code?

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