How to Build a Data Analytics Strategy by LinkedIn Product Manager


Data Analytics in Product Management Event in San Francisco about how to build a data analytics strategy.

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How do you build and implement an effective product analytics strategy that quantifies and drives product success and iteration?

Building an analytics strategy is crucial for every product manager. In this Q&A session, Ali Khodaei talked about data analytics no longer being a luxury, but a competitive and integral need for Product Managers. Product Managers need to understand not only who their users are but how they behave and know the metrics.

He also discussed the importance of understanding the product ecosystem, how tools interact, and how you can position analytics from a product perspective across your company.

Ali Khodaei is a Group Product Manager at LinkedIn. He has over 6 years of product experience with companies such as LinkedIn, Microsoft and Yahoo! He holds a PhD in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Chapter 1 0:25 Speaker background
Chapter 2 2:30 Do you consider a scroll an engagement?
Chapter 3 5:05 How do you evaluate the performance of a product that is very backendy?
Chapter 4 7:00 What type of research do you do to understand the the user quality/quantity?
Chapter 5 13:10 Do you prefer to hear more about the actual problem your customers have or the features that they want to have?
Chapter 6 17:15 How does LinkedIn prioritize the content they show to the users?
Chapter 7 23:00 How does LinkedIn choose the people that they user should connect with or contact?
Chapter 8 30:00 Can LinkedIn use the data they collect from outside LinkedIn?
Chapter 9 35:40 How does LinkedIn decide what is relevant and how does the algorithm work for showing the relevant things?
Chapter 10 44:00 Where do you see a shortage in work force at LinkedIn in 5 years?
Chapter 11 48:40 What do you do to get data from your team (engineers, designers, data scientists, etc.?
Chapter 12 52:00 There are different models that product managers work with. Which one do you prefer?

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