Improving SVM: Normalization in Python, Sklearn, and Pandas; Kernels, Regularization


Normalization and Min-Max Scaling: 0:18
Loading data and normalization in Python: 1:43
Image Normalization: 3:55
Problems need to fix for heart dataset: 4:48
One-hot encoding: 6:00
Coding One-hot encoding: 6:42
SVM Sklearn: 9:30
Intro to SVM: 10:05
SVM linear, polynomial kernels: 11:05
Regularization in SVM: 12:12
Coding and Evaluating Models: 14:09

We look at how to improve ML models through data normalization, one-hot-encoding, and looking at hyperparameters like regularization strength and SVM kernels.
Part 1:

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    December 28, 2020

    I learn so much!

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