Masterclass on Data Visualization


Watch S Anand, CEO and Chief Data Scientist of Gramener share tips on how you can make it to the shortlist of RRD and Gramener Data Artistry Tournament 2018 .



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  • Data Artistry Tournament 2018
    January 7, 2021

    Please use correct map of india in thumbnail, pak-occupied kashmir and aksai chin are not shown.

  • Data Artistry Tournament 2018
    January 7, 2021

    Many thanks to Mr Anand for the presentation. This Expose/Show/Explain/Explore decomposition helps a lot.
    I'm still new in visualization but I've been working for 3 months with Power BI. It seems to me that this tool is advancing very fast. Maybe it has become more than a "Show" tool with a lot of new visuals supported. For instance, the interactive decomposition tree visual is a nice "Explore" tool. And by adding a lot of text, buttons and shapes I'm convinced we can build "Explain" reports as well as "Show" ones.

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