Online Machine Learning Bootcamp KICK-Off Event in collaboration with DPhi


DPhi is organizing an Online Machine Learning Bootcamp starting 2nd December to 16th December 2020. Registrations can be done here:

This is the Kick-Off event where we sit together and discuss the structure of the bootcamp, the essentials and how everyone can leverage the journey and all the resources so we all can make the most out of it.

The bootcamp will run on two tracks – the Beginners track will help anyone who wishes to start their Machine Learning Journey, while the Advanced track will take a step beyond and introduce you to explainable A.I (SHAP) and model deployment.

As a community initiative, you will have the chance to learn alongside fellow ML enthusiasts, coaches/mentors and live sessions by experts from the industries at free cost.

Do not miss this opportunity! Register today and grab yourself a seat!



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