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Project managers are in huge demand in a variety of industries—IT, software, construction, big pharma—you name it, project management’s probably a part of it. Project management strategies and methodologies are different depending on the industry, and you should focus on the specifics of your industry of choice. However, there are some commonalities that are consistent across the board.

To stay on top of the latest news and developments in the industry, you have tons of free options – like project management blogs. Blogs are a great way to improve your skillset because authors and contributors talk about their experiences and challenges first-hand. They also provide tips and tricks along with other useful advice.  

Your time is valuable, so to save you the effort of combing through a Google search, we’ve made a list of our top choices for project management blogs. Look through  our list, find a blog that feels best suited to you, and start learning.  It’s that easy. This is often called the best blog in project management, and in a way it’s a community catering to project managers of all industries. There are articles from experts who offer up their two cents on a variety of project management strategies. It includes how-to articles and even information and resources on different PM certifications. You can even start a discussion of your own on the site and connect with other PM experts in your field.  

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management: Elizabeth Harrin started this blog ten years ago when she realized there was a lack of female project managers writing and talking about PM from a woman’s perspective. In this blog, she discusses the latest updates in the field and offers  advice and suggestions to the ladies in PM based on her personal  experience. There are plenty of tips on conducting fruitful meetings,  managing project teams and stakeholders, and maintaining a work-life balance. This blog covers all aspects of project and program budgeting, estimation, accounting, how to get pay raises and how to manage contracts. Harrin also provides e-books, book reviews, toolkits, and training guides that can help a PM through their career journey.  

Guerrilla Project Management: Samad Aidane offers a unique perspective on project management involving domains like psychology, social sciences, and organizational change. Samad has nearly two decades of experience as a project manager and offers insightful advice to PMs on improving their performance, developing their skills, and managing risks effectively.  

Ron Rosenhead Blog: This blog is run by Ron Rosenhead, the CEO of Project Agency in the UK with 15 years of experience in risk management, project management training, consulting, and coaching. You’ll find numerous resources and advice related to PM on his blog, and many unique ideas  and tips that he offers based on his own work experience. Many of his  posts answer common questions or issues raised by his own clients, as well as discussions on scope management and benefits management. The blog is suited both for beginners and advanced audiences.  

Brad Brad Egeland was named as the Top 10 Project Management Influencer in 2016 and has sound experience in project management. He’s written over 4000 articles on expert business strategies. Many of his blog posts are accompanied by a 60-second video snippet with valuable project management tips that you can’t find anywhere else. Brad specializes in a variety of topics like delegation skills, project management methodologies, and improving customer experiences.  

The Lazy Project Manager: This blog is run by Peter Taylor, the bestselling author of ‘Productive Laziness,’ ‘The Lazy Winner’ and ‘The Lazy Project Manager.’ He advocates for productive laziness and offers suggestions and tips on how to get the best results by putting in the least amount of effort. ‘Work smart, not hard’ is his motto, and he advises readers on how to complete projects on-time and in budget while being twice as productive but leaving the office early. Taylor also runs a podcast series where he posts interviews, thoughts, and productivity guides on different areas of project management.  

PM As the name suggests, this blog is specifically suited for students studying project management and for industry professionals wishing to have a career in PM. This blog’s a repository of information, industry news, and career advice on the subject. It’s run by Margaret Meloni who has a background in IT Project Management and PMO Leadership; so, it’s clear why she understands the practical difficulties in project management. The articles offer a lot of quick fixes for common problems encountered in project development lifecycles and many tips and hacks for beginners in the field.  

PM Basics: Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy offers excellent tips for project management, particularly for those in  the software domain. Mainly suited for aspiring project managers, Dmitriy offers a collection of in-depth articles on best practices in PM. He also discusses approaches, strategies to follow, leadership attributes, and dives into Agile frameworks. This blog can help beginners sharpen their skills and it offers out-of-box ideas to implement at work.  

The Tao of Project Management: John Carroll, author of the book ‘The Way of the Project Manager,’ posts articles that innovatively apply the philosophical wisdom offered by Taoism to project management. Topics covered include leadership and communication strategies in PM.  

Shift Happens! Projects, Change, Risk: Mike Clayton’s an experienced project manager and has worked at Deloitte Consulting as a senior manager. He’s written over 13 books on topics like project management, leadership, business communication, and risk management. He lays particular emphasis on developing soft skills, dealing with project teams and stakeholders, and exercising influence empathetically. His website also offers online courses in project management that can help build your skills and practical expertise.  

Yodiz Project Management Blog: This is one of the best project management blogs if you’re specifically interested in Agile Project Management. Whether it’s Scrum, Kanban, or Lean, the blog’s full of posts on all Agile frameworks and offers useful information on project management and software development.  

Mike Cohn’s Blog: Mike Cohn is one of the founders of the Scrum Alliance, and his blog is obviously  the go-to resource for excellent information on Agile and Scrum. There  are how-to articles and actionable tips on Agile and Scrum methodologies, as well as user stories, product backlog, and sprints. This blog has helped organizations implement Agile or Scrum frameworks, and get the work done faster.  

Natalie Warnert – Confessions of a ScrumMaster: Natalie Warnert has a light-hearted and humorous way of teaching project management to  her readers. She often uses funny, real-life scenarios and her firsthand experiences to offer insights on Agile and Scrum best practices.  

The IIL Blog: IIL or the International Institute for Learning is the global leader when it comes to business training, coaching and consulting, and developing customized course content for various companies. The blog’s a rich source of articles, white papers, templates, and guides on leadership, technology, sustainability, and project management. It also holds in-depth information on different project management types like Agile, Lean, and Six Sigma. This is one of the best project management blogs that offers enough resources to broaden your PM skills and provide extensive digital know-how on how to effectively plan, execute, and complete projects. The IIL blog has contributions from multiple project management professionals and experts in the field, so it’s a one-stop for all your PM questions.  

Developing Project Leaders: Susanne Madsen has had over two decades of experience on a global level and is a renowned project leadership coach, trainer, and consultant. She has also authored books called, ‘The Project Management Coaching Workbook’ and ‘The Power of Project Leadership.’ Madsen focuses on project leadership and traditional project  management, with several posts based on her own PM work experience. She  offers excellent advice, tips, and tricks to her readers. She also helps to clarify concepts and provides different perspectives on various project management domains. The blog’s also replete with articles discussing topics like how to build your self-esteem, counter stress, and handle problems related to limiting beliefs in a project environment.  

The Practicing IT Project Manager: Run  by Dave Gordon, a project manager specializing in human capital  management, payroll systems, ERP and SaaS solutions, this blog is an extensive resource for project managers and business analysts–especially those working in IT. Dave has several interesting articles to his credit, but also allows for a weekly roundup where he compiles the latest links to articles on project management from a vast range of blogs. This makes it one of the best resources for the latest information on PM.  

Finding the Best Project Management Blogs

If you’re looking for even more resources, we can also recommend TaskQue Blog, The Project Management Hut, The Unconventional Guide to Work, The Program Manager’s Blog, The Clever PM, PM for the Masses, and Team Gantt.

There are tons of options to choose from, so it’s up to you to determine which ones are the best fit for you. See what writing styles you like, which information benefits the most, and which sources you trust. From there, it’s a great idea to keep up with the most recent posts on those blogs. We’ve also created our own project management blog posts for you to check out.

Sometimes blogs aren’t enough. If you’re someone completely new to the field of project management and want to take your knowledge to the next level, check out our bootcamp. It’s the fastest way to get all of the in-depth and practical knowledge needed to launch a thriving career.  

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