Python Tutorial. Artificial Neural Network Regression


Course Curriculum:

Tutorial Objective. This tutorial has an educational and informational purpose and doesn’t constitute any type of forecasting, business, trading or investment advice. All content, including code and data, is presented with no guarantee of exactness or completeness.

Investment Risk and Uncertainty. All tutorial content and conclusions are based on hypothetical historical analysis and not real trading or investing with the possibility of future outliers not previously observed within these time series. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. Investment risk and uncertainty can possibly lead to its total loss for unleveraged products and even larger for leveraged ones.

Responsibility Disclaimer. The instructor is not responsible for any damages caused by using tutorial content for forecasting, business, trading or investment decisions; exclusively transferring all this responsibility to the student. Recommending that the student does own due-diligence based on several scenarios, assumptions and consult a certified professional before taking any forecasting, business, trading or investment decision.

Non-endorsement. The instructor doesn’t endorse any particular investment vehicle. Some are from recent inception and haven’t been exposed to a major market correction. Investment vehicles have risk considerations such as liquidity, tracking error, replicating index unpredictability, note issuer credit risk, among others. Therefore, recommending again student does own due-diligence and consult a certified financial advisor before taking any trading or investment decision.



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