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As a salesperson, you know that you always need to be at the top of your game. Your goal is to meet those daily or monthly targets, maybe even exceed them. Every sales professional has their own unique way of selling, but often discussions with peers can offer valuable tricks and suggestions.  

That’s why we always recommend online resources like video tutorials, podcasts, or blogs for anyone new to the industry.  

Blogs, specifically, are an excellent means to share your experiences or learn something new about your field. Sales blogs are a handy tool to learn how sales professionals from different corners of the world tackle challenges and hit their sales figures. Blogs can also inspire you to stay motivated and focused in your role.  

There  are tons of blogs out there, and it’s hard to know where to start. So,  we’ve created a list of our favorite sales-related blogs for you. Let’s dive into it.

HubSpot Sales Blog – HubSpot is a popular sales and marketing tool with over 15,000 customers in more than 90 countries. Their blog offers tried-and-true sales advice to its readers. It covers how to draft the perfect email to help close a deal, tips on negotiation, ideas on how to lead your sales team to success, and more. Reliable sales pros like Jeff Hoffman, Anthony Iannarino, Donald E. Kelly, and Trish Bertuzzi regularly contribute to this blog. The intended audience is salespeople, managers, and executives.  One of our favorite posts is ‘The Best Cold Call Script Ever.’  

LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog – Besides being a popular job post and search portal, LinkedIn’s a popular sales platform as well. Millions of sales professionals leverage LinkedIn for social selling and marketing. Their sales blog offers a variety of posts and the latest news on prospecting tactics, social selling tips, and best practices in sales management. The intended audience is mainly sales representatives.  Two posts we recommend are: ‘Solving Backwards: An Underrated B2B Sales Prospecting Strategy’ and ‘Sales Managers Need Social Selling Champions: Here’s How To Find Yours.’  

The Make It Happen Blog – This blog’s run by John Barrows, a popular sales trainer among growing companies. He often shares firsthand experiences in sales which makes his posts relatable and engaging. The posts focus on revenue generation and what marketing strategy- be it voicemail or email, works best. He also teaches how to make an impact on your target through your marketing strategy.   ‘The Story of How My Emotions Stopped Us from Winning the Deal’ is an interesting post that we’d recommend you read.  

Salesfolk Blog – Run by Heather Morgan, this blog’s ideal for sales representatives and managers since it focuses on email marketing skills. The author provides tips and tricks on content creation and cold emailing by offering suggestions, examples, and refreshing innovative ideas. What makes this blog unique is that they clearly show you what not to do; they have a “Hall of Shame” where they share the worst prospecting emails, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.  Posts like ‘3 cold email mistakes that ruin sales conversations,’ ‘Why Selfish Emails Never Work’ and ‘Mixed Messages You Shouldn’t Be Sending in Your Sales Emails’ are worth a read.  

Jill Konrath’s Sales Blog – Jill Konrath is an expert in dynamic sales and in managing complex sales projects. She’s also the author of ‘Selling to BIG Businesses,’ ‘SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Consumers,’ ‘Agile Selling,’ and ‘More Sales, Less Time.’  Jill blends lessons and sales tips in her video lectures and written posts with her own personal experiences like a pro. Topics discussed center around conversational sales, value  propositions, keeping competitors out of reach, increasing efficiency,  making the lives of sales prospects easier, and introducing new business in the market at a quick pace.  Some posts that we recommend are, ‘How to increase sales in 8 seconds’ and ‘How to Ask for an Appointment in an Email Cold Call.’

Heinz Marketing Blog – This blog’s best suited for inbound sales professionals and marketers. Written by Matt Heinz, the blog’s  updated every day with a new article on B2B sales and marketing  insights, sales acceleration, demand generation, pipeline management,  sales enablement, and more. This blog covers everything related to advanced selling tactics. There are exclusive shows like ‘App of the Week’ which reviews popular sales apps, and ‘How I Work’ which discusses the best practices of successful B2B marketers.  Some interesting posts are ‘10 best practices for better cold calling’ and ‘10+ Sales Pitch Pet Peeves I Could Seriously Do Without.’  

Gong Labs Blog – Run by, Gong Labs Blog is full of expert tips and advice for sales reps stuck in a rut, or for sales leaders who want to increase team performance. There are weekly posts filled with sales strategies based on data released after analyzing thousands of recorded and transcribed conversations in AI sales. There are articles that can help you close business deals, meet your targets or quota, and have more successful calls during your sales cycle.  Check out the post called ‘Revenue Success Secrets From Today’s Top CROs.’  

Cerebral Selling Blog – Cerebral Selling Blog by David Priemer is unique as it dives into modern psychology, provides an analytical approach to sales, and offers techniques to improve your thought process and sales numbers. It’s a mix of execution concepts, fundamental research, and empathy at the same time.  

A Sales Guy Blog – Jim Keenan’s a well-known figure in sales, and this blog specifically focuses on attracting and retaining top talent. It’s an indispensable  tool for sales leaders and managers. This blog talks about the  potential of using social media for sales and has a special section  called #HeyKeenan, where the readers can post questions to Jim which he’ll answer in a video.  ‘Subject Lines That Work for Sales Emails’ and ‘13 Must-Read Books to Turn You into a Badass Salesperson’ are some of his exemplary blog posts.  

Sales Gravy Blog – Run by sales acceleration specialist and author of the bestseller ‘Fanatical Prospecting,’ this blog shares a  variety of free articles, podcasts, and videos on tips, training, and sales advice from top sales gurus. As per his specialty, there’s a huge focus on prospecting strategies for sales reps.  Check out his posts like ‘Avoid Missed Opportunities and Sales Disasters’ and ‘Leadership is human.’  

Quotable Salesforce Blog – Salesforce is the most popular sales platform, and they have specifically launched this blog and podcast series for sales professionals and management. Quotable hosts a diverse list of authors who provide stunning insights into the world of sales.   ‘The 7 Sales Skills that Can’t be Taught’ is a highly recommended read.  

XANT or Inside Blog – In, previously known as, Trish Bertuzzi, the author of ‘The Sales Development Playbook’ and her associates offer insightful content. They discuss hiring, retaining, and training people in sales. They also provide tips on how to create and manage territories to track the success rate of your sales team. There are articles on sales optimization on Neuralytics, which is a predictive and prescriptive sales engine. They also discuss sales motivation, sales preparation, and sales enhancement.  You should add the posts ‘8 Skills Every Top Performer Should Have’ and ‘How One Head of Sales Tackled Building a Sales Playbook’ to your reading list.  

CloserIQ Sales Blog – CloserIQ is a popular sales recruitment platform. The associated blog offers guidance on how to identify top talent, spot crucial skills in a candidate, and how to successfully manage a sales team. The blogging community boasts of over 60,000 sales leaders who share their sales strategies and tips in a weekly newsletter.  Some must-read posts are ‘How to Identify Top Sales Talent by Their Resume’ and ‘7 Interview Questions to Find Rockstar Sales Reps.’

Tibor Shanto’s Sales Blog – Tibor Shanto is a well-known veteran of B2B marketing. In his blog, he offers insider tips and tricks on how to shorten sales cycles, use the right strategies and tools for selling, and increase close ratios.  ‘Your Script Is Your Ticket to Success’ is an interesting read on his blog.  

SaaStr Blog – This blog is a must-read for people working with SaaS products. Jason M. Lemkin, a SaaS enthusiast himself, started this as a simple WordPress blog to answer questions he’d received on Quora. At present, SaaStr is globally renowned for its SaaS developers and entrepreneurs. Topics deal with details on development in SaaS companies, and guidance for sales leaders for SaaS products on how to motivate and grow their teams.  Check out their blog post on ‘When Should You Add a Second Product?’

Tips on Choosing a Sales Blog

This is a great start if you want to stay up to date with your sales skills. Not sure which one to pick? Read an article from each blog every day until you find your favorite. Have fun with it and see whose written language you like the best, and which blogs apply to your unique circumstances. Even if no blogs speak to where you’re currently at in your career, look for blogs that can help you get where you want to be.

These online resources are there to add value to your life, so take full advantage of them. We’ve added a bunch of articles to our blog that could help you as well. You’ve got a lot of options, so take your pick and enjoy the free content.

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