Seaborn regplot | What is a regplot and how to make a regression plot in Python Seaborn?


The Seaborn regplot allows you to fit and visualize a linear regression model for your data. This video begins by walking you through what a Seaborn Python regplot is and how to plot the regplot with a line only. Then I explain the purpose of the regplot along with several options within Seaborn including turning off the confidence intervals and fitting other statistical models to your data via polynomial regression, robust regression, logistic regression, and LOWESS. I end by discussing how you can style your regplot using scatter and line keywords in the Python code.

0:00 What is a regplot?
0:25 CODE – How to make a regplot in Seaborn
2:41 CODE – How to plot the regplot line only
3:37 What is the purpose of the regplot?
4:38 Building confidence intervals with bootstrapping
5:04 CODE – Options within the Seaborn regplot (confidence intervals, discrete variables)
7:01 CODE – Statistical models within the regplot (polynomial, robust, logistic, LOWESS)
9:31 CODE – Styling your regplot
11:47 Conclusion

Github code:

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  • Kimberly Fessel
    November 28, 2020

    really enjoy your teaching

  • Kimberly Fessel
    November 28, 2020

    Clear and useful. Couldn’t have had a better explanation. Thank you

  • Kimberly Fessel
    November 28, 2020

    Very clear and concise content Madam, Thank you! As a beginner in the Data Science journey I really appreciate your contents . Since you have started regression plots, looking forward for machine learning with python in future as well, ALL THE BEST!

  • Kimberly Fessel
    November 28, 2020

    Great video Kimberly, keep up the good work, do you have experience with time series analysis?. I am working on a paper, I was seeking out people with time series experience.

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