Tariq Rashid – A Gentle Introduction to Neural Networks and making your own with Python


PyData London 2016

Neural networks are not only a powerful data science tool, they’re at the heart of recent breakthroughs in deep learning and artificial intelligence.

This talk, designed for a complete beginners and anyone non-technical, will introduce the history and ideas behind neural networks. You won’t need anything more than basic school maths. We’ll gently build our own neural network in Python too.

Ideas: – search for intelligence machines, what’s easy for us not easy for computers.

DIY: – MINST dataset – simple network 3 layer – matrix multiplication to aid calculations – preprocessing, priming weights – 95% accuracy with very simple code! – improvements lead to 98% accuracy!

source code will be online Python 3 notebook on makeyourownneuralnetwork.blogspot.com and @myoneuralnet

Slides available here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Mai96er3d9Tca6mwVaO_bI7nZ09L6QQbww233yAnaGg/edit
GitHub: https://github.com/makeyourownneuralnetwork/makeyourownneuralnetwork



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