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Hi all!

It’s been a while since our last post and a ton has happened since then. After joining Alteryx in June of 2017, we went from a
team of 10 to a team of over 500!

ScienceOps is now Alteryx Promote

Even 3 years after the launch of Yhat’s flagship product ScienceOps, many organizations still struggle to get data scientists’
predictive models into production and integrated into user-facing applications. Immediately following the acquisition, the Yhat
team went heads down to improve ScienceOps, focusing on making it more robust, reliable, and scalable.

On March 7th, we officially launched Alteryx Promote to continue helping
solve the model deployment problem. In addition to the model deployment capabilities, Alteryx Promote not only helps data scientists
productionize their models, but by leveraging the rest of the Alteryx platform it furthers the accessibility of ML models to business analysts and other internal teams.

The Yhat Blog lives on!

Since the early days of Yhat, we’ve published over 170 different posts, shared articles from dozens of guest contributors,
and created content that has hopefully helped you all learn more about data science and machine learning.

Last week, we migrated some of the posts over to a new Alteryx blog called the “Alteryx Data Science blog”, where we’ll
continue to write about the latest-and-greatest in data science, and hopefully sneak some muppet gifs in as well! As at Yhat,
we’re always eager to share the content from guest contributors so don’t hesitate to reach out to Neil Ryan if you have content you’d like to share.

We’ve cross-posted this article on both the Alteryx and Yhat blogs and may eventually migrate over all the posts completely to
the Alteryx Data Science blog. To get updates going forward you’ll want to subscribe to the new blog. Navigate to the new
data science blog,
go to “Blog Options” and click “Subscribe” (you’ll need to create a free Community account first). You can subscribe to
our other blogs in the same way, if you like.

Thats all folks!

To wrap up, thank you all for being such a supportive community over the years. We’ve had a ton of fun
maintaining this blog, meeting some of you in person at conferences, and contributing to the data science community.

The Yhat team


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