Using Data Science Skills Now: Cleaning up text data. | by Dawn Moyer | Dec, 2020


Be a workplace Hero! Automate the annoying task of cleaning up the spelling and formatting of categorical text columns with fuzzy matching.

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The Problem

The Data

import pandas as pd  
import numpy as np
from platform import python_version
print('python version: ' + python_version())
path = '<path to your files>'# create dataframes
official_list_df = pd.read_excel(path + 'holiday official list.xlsx')
hand_typed_list_df = pd.read_excel(path + 'holidays.xlsx')
# create lists
official_list = official_list_df['Holiday Name'].fillna('*').to_list()
hand_typed_list = hand_typed_list_df['Holiday'].fillna('*').to_list()
validation_list = hand_typed_list_df['Validation'].fillna('*').to_list()

Possible Solutions

import fuzzymatcherhand_typed_list_join_on = [‘Holiday’]
official_list_join_on = [‘Holiday Name’]
matched = fuzzymatcher.fuzzy_left_join(hand_typed_list_df,
hand_typed_list_join_on, #left join on
official_list_join_on, #right join on
right_id_col=’Holiday Name’)
from fuzzywuzzy import fuzz
from fuzzywuzzy import process
# create a results dataset so we can review
results_df = pd.DataFrame(columns = ['Hand_Typed_Name', 'Matched_Name', 'Match_Score', 'Allow_Flag'
, 'Validation_value', 'Matched_Flag', 'Success_Code'])
# iterate over each element on the lists
for index, row in hand_typed_list_df.iterrows():
result = process.extractOne(row.Holiday, official_list)
# does the potential match value equal the validation value?
if str(result[0]) == row.Validation:
res = 'Yes'
res = 'No'
# does the match score meet the minimum threshold set?
if result[1] > 86:
allow = 'Yes'
allow = 'No'
# are my match and scoring cutoff flags consistant?
if res == allow:
final = 'Passed'
final = 'Needs Review'

# append the data to the results dataframe
new_row = { 'Hand_Typed_Name' : str(row.Holiday)
, 'Matched_Name' : str(result[0])
, 'Match_Score' : str(result[1])
, 'Allow_Flag' : str(allow)
, 'Validation_value' : str(row.Validation)
, 'Matched_Flag' : str(res)
, 'Success_Code' : str(final)
results_df = results_df.append(new_row, ignore_index=True)



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