Using data science to make informed business decisions


PETALING JAYA: In today’s new technology filled era, data science plays an important role.

Having knowledge of data science helps individuals or organisations make informed business decisions while including human creativity as an important factor to extract the most effective data for business strategies.

The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS) has welcomed the efforts of the government, through the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), in upskilling personnel to make Malaysia Asean’s digital centre.

Recently, Amirah Atikah Rosidi (pix), 23, finished on the podium in the “DataKita.Pulse – Data Visualisation and Storytelling Challenge” organised by MDEC.

The second place winner showcased her talents and knowledge in the field of data sciences in conjunction with the Malaysia Tech Month 2020 (MTM2020) where her creativity in drafting her data based topics were challenged.

Some topics this challenge touched traversed from the environment, economy, government, and social.

“Creativity is the most important factor in data science. Some other contestants chose advanced and complex tools, while I opted for the most basic tool available,” Amirah said.

“Using my creative storytelling, I managed to convince the panel of judges, thus helping me to believe that creativity exceeds the tools that we use,” she added.

The Universiti Tun Hussien Onn graduate received her exposure in data sciences through the CADS Data Star programme.

This programme aimed to provide industry demand skills in three focused specialisations: data analyst, data engineer, and junior data scientist.

Another CADS Data Star participant, Siti Zahirah Suradi, 23, said her knowledge in data sciences had helped her handle the challenges we face in these uncertain times.

“The business landscape of today has changed. Currently, we are heavily subjected to technologies for communication. Thus, to develop my business, it is important to have an organised database,” Siti Zahirah said, adding that Data Star has made customers demands easier to listen to.

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