Watch The Reactathon 2020 Conference Live on freeCodeCamp’s YouTube Channel


We are excited to live-stream Reactathon 2020 – a 3-day React conference – free on freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel.

Reactathon (also known as the San Francisco React Conference) usually takes place in downtown San Francisco in March. You can probably guess why they postponed it this year. (It starts with P-A-N-D and doesn’t eat bamboo.)

The good news is the conference is now fully online, and you’ll be able to safely participate from the comfort of your own home.

freeCodeCamp will live-stream all three days of the event: Monday, December 7 through Wednesday, December 9.

Each stream will start at noon EST (5 pm GMT) and run for 5 hours each day until 5 pm EST (10 pm GMT).

I’ve summarized the highlights for you in this article below. But if you want to go through the schedule in full, check out the official Reactathon website.

You’ll be able to chat with other people around the world who are watching the Reactathon conference on freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel. And all of this is free.

But if you want the full interactive experience (and a lot of additional sessions) you should buy a ticket for the full event here.

Now let’s go over what each of these 3 days of the conference has in store for us in terms of learning experiences.

At the bottom of each of these sections is a link to that day’s live stream. You can join each of these streams in new tabs in your browser, and they should automatically start playing when each day’s stream begins.

Or you can ask YouTube to notify when each stream goes live.

You can ask YouTube to remind you when a day’s live stream begins.

Note that you’ll still be able to use these links to view these streams even after each day’s events are over.

What You Will Learn Day 1 of Reactathon 2020

Day 1 will start off with a keynote from Guillermo Rauch, founder of Vercel (formerly Zeit) and co-creator of the popular Next.js full stack development framework.

Guillermo is one of the most exciting figures in JavaScript at the moment, and I think you’ll dig his keynote.

Then Lydia Hallie will walk you through how the JavaScript V8 engine works. And it looks like we’re in for a heavily visual explanation of this cornerstone of Chrome, Node.js, and much of high-performance JavaScript.

Next, Swizec Teller will walk you through adding authentication to any React app in 5 minutes using Auth0.

Alex Krolick will then show you through how to test asynchronous React components using the React Testing Library.

Bryan Manuele will show you how to use Static Analysis to quantify the health of your React Codebase.

Jana Beck will show you some advanced Data Science in the browser. She’ll use Web Workers and OffscreenCanvas to perform Dimensionality Reduction in the browser. This way, you can look at multi-dimensional data visually, in a way humans can more easily understand. It should be a lot of fun.

We’ll close out with a talk from freeCodeCamp local hero Shawn Wang (Swyx) about type-safe full stack React. That’s right – static typing on both the front end and back end.

The benefits of Shawn’s approach: better warnings (and thus, better developer experience) and fewer errors.

He’ll even live-code a TypeScript + React + GraphQL app live to showcase this approach. Live coding. What can go wrong? A lot, but Shawn is a pro. He’s always a blast to watch in action.

πŸš€ You can watch Day 1 of Reactathon 2020 here.

If you tune in live, you can chat with other viewers. Be sure to follow the Code of Conduct – moderators will be out in full force and we don’t want to ban people but we will.

Note that even the event is over, you’ll still be able to watch all of these talks at this link.

And Here’s What Day 2 of Reactathon 2020 Has in Store

Kent C. Dodds will kick off Day 2 with a keynote about React Application State Management. He’ll show you how to organize your app to avoid maintenance headaches down the road.

Kent will also give some tips for how to increase performance just by being more thoughful in how you categorize your app.

Next, Tejas Kumar will take a look at how developers use React as a sort of Component Abstraction Layer. You’ll look under the hood and see what exactly makes React React.

Then Daria Caraway will share tips for writing highly readable – or “considerate” as she likes to call it – React component APIs using TypeScript.

Naomi Meyer will share best practices in the related fields of internationalization (I18N), localization (L10N), and Globalization (G11N). She’ll share some related React tooling recommendations.

David Khourshid will introduce you to Model-Driven Development and “how state machines and statecharts can be used to model even the most complex logic and automatically visualize, generate tests, produce documentation, and more.”

πŸš€ You can watch Day 2 of Reactathon 2020 here.

Again, if you chat be sure to follow the Code of Conduct. And this link will let you you can watch the event even after it’s over.

And finally, Day 3 of Reactathon 2020

Becca Bailey will start off the day right with what I nominate as the best talk title of the conference: “Konmari Your Code: Finding Joy in Refactoring.”

She’ll share tips for simplifying your React codebase, stress-free refactoring, and more.

Lee Robinson will explore data fetching with the React-powered Next.js framework. He’ll talk about Client-side Rendering VS Server-side Rendering, and other important web development concepts.

Brian Leroux will talk about Deno, the new JavaScript runtime from the same creator of Node.js.

Brian will demonstrate some of the key differences between Deno and Node by deploying his own serverless backend using AWS Lambda.

Cassidy Williams will talk about Sci-Fi inspired user interfaces. If you’re familiar with Cassidy and her developer-themed Tik-Tok videos, you already know you’re in for a treat.

And finally, Day 3 will end with a live recording of the podcast. Hosts Wes Bos and Scott Tolinsky will share some coding insights, jokes, and as always, some “tasty treats.”

I’ve watched them do a live recording before and it was a blast, with lots of audience participation.

πŸš€ You can watch Day 3 of Reactathon 2020 here.

If you chat during the stream, follow the Code of Conduct. This link will continue to work after the stream is over.

It’s not every day that we get a full-length tech conference that’s freely available from the convenience of your home. And yet that is what we are getting with Reactathon 2020.

Take advantage of this opportunity and get exposed to a lot of new tools and concepts. It will be time well invested in your skills and your career.

Be sure to tweet with the Hashtag #Reactathon while you watch.

Happy coding.

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