1000x speed to Jupyter Notebook using Techila Distributed Computing Engine


This demo shows how a Jupyter notebook can run at rocket speed using Techila Distributed Computing Engine.

Techila Distributed Computing Engine TDCE is an interactive big computing solution that enables highly scalable notebook runs with simplicity.

The solution integrates seamlessly and directly with Jupyter Notebook (also known as IPython Notebook). The easy functions in the Techila package enable interactive parallel Python, R programming language and Julia language runs with simplicity. You can develop, test and iterate efficiently.

More information about Techila package for Python, R programming language and Julia computing: http://www.techilatechnologies.com/help/techila-distributed-computing-engine/using-techila-distributed-computing-engine.html?y=WsCkjmTIfko

In this demo we’re using 1000 CPU cores. Combining this with Techila’s technology it allows our notebook to run almost 1000 times faster.

More information about Techila Distributed Computing Engine: http://www.techilatechnologies.com/product?y=WsCkjmTIfko

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