6 signs of a rockstar data analyst | by Lasha Gochiashvili | Dec, 2020


You do not publish any report without double confirmation or even triple confirmation. There have been times when I ignored quality for the sake of doing my job fast. I was running reports and analysis at a rocket speed that even I was surprised, but! rockstar data analysts do it differently. You know that you are the first source of data. You are a person who goes first to data, makes insight, and spreads it. You know that if the numbers you shared are wrong, people will not trust you anymore. You always prioritize quality over speed, it is better to spend more time and make it correct than do analysis and not be sure that it is correct.

Marketing matters, you give the structure to your analyses. You love bullet points and summary. Whether you are sharing your insight via email or teleconference you are a rockstar data analyst because you make it peachy, delicious to read, and to listen. You have your favorite font, you care about the colors, typos, and all little details that make your message stand out.

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