9 Python Data Visualization Examples You Need to Learn in 2021


Here you will learn 9 Python Data Visualization Examples in Python.

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In this tutorial, I will cover 9 Python data visualization examples you need to know. Here are the 9 cool plots you need to know:

1. Scatter Plot
2. Histogram
3. Bar Plot
4. Time Series Plot
5. Box Plot
6. Heat Map
7. Correlogram
8. Violin Plot
9. Raincloud Plot

All these data visualization examples will be carried out using the Python package Seaborn. This means that you need to install seaborn to create these plots as in the tutorial.
» Datasets used in this post:

» Blog post with all 9 examples in more detail: https://bit.ly/dataviz_examples

» Raincloud Plots in Python: https://youtu.be/uFDdzTjn190
» Scatter plot in Python: https://youtu.be/TexdD7t0IKU
» Histogram in Python with Pandas: https://youtu.be/ra2pw0qKWvg

Learn how to install Python packages:

» Blog Post: https://bit.ly/installation_py

Learn more about importing data from CSV files with Pandas:
» Blog post: https://bit.ly/pandas_read_csv
» YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/piCU_gxSF7I

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0:01 Introduction
1:38 Example 1: Scatter plot
4:40 Example 2: Histogram
5:50 Example 3: Bar Plot
6:47 Example 4: Time Series Plot
8:11 Example 5: Box Plot
9:12 Example 6: Heatmap
10:40 Example 7: Correlogram
12:23 Example 8: Violinplot
13:29 Example 9: RainCloud Plots
14:51 Outro



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