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This Edureka video on Best Strategies to Master Data Science in 2021 is a part of the Data Science Tutorial which will enlighten you on the various strategies to become a master in Data Science in no time.

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Name: Mr. Shivendra Upadhyay
1. Lead Data Scientist at Ericsson R & D.
2. Over 3 years of people management and mentoring, project management experience.
3. Over 5 years’ of hands-on experience in Data Visualization
4. Lead business initiatives, typically leading analysts across multiple sub-functions in Management Consulting.
5. Working with cross geographical teams, SME, business leaders, and numerous product teams to accelerate the adoption of AI-ML for better business outcomes and efficient product management and implementation.
6. A Senior Data Scientist with over 10+ years of professional experience in the field of IT & Data Science.
7. An Alumnus of RCET, Bhilai, CG.

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Why Learn Data Science?

It’s been said that Data Scientist is the “Sexiest Job of the 21st century”. Why? Because over the past few years, companies have been storing their data. And this being done by each and every company, it has suddenly led to data explosion. Data has become the most abundant thing today. Data Science is also known as data driven science, which makes use of scientific methods, processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, i.e either structured or unstructured.


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