Can Data Science Predict Bitcoin?


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Can Data Science Predict the Stock Market:

In this video I discuss whether or not data science methods can be used to predict the price of bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies. When I did a video on the stock market, my conclusion was essentially that while ML/AI methods can help significantly better than random guessing, ultimately you run into three problems:

1) The efficient market hypothesis – the idea that all the information about a stock is already priced in
2) It is hard to predict future shocks
3) There is a conflict of interest in releasing such things

We are going to address the same question as it pertains to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Links referenced in this video:
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Rafael Schultze-Kraft – “Don’t be fooled — Deceptive Cryptocurrency Price Predictions Using Deep Learning”:
Alex Lielacher – “3 Bitcoin Sentiment Analysis Tools: How They Work & How to Use Them”:



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    January 1, 2021


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