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In this Data Analytics with R video, you will understand why Data Analytics is needed, what Data Analytics is, the Data Analytics Lifecycle, the types of Analytics, the various benefits of using R, and finally, a hands-on demo on Data Analytics. Data analytics is a process to extract meaningful insights from data such as hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, and customer preferences. It is widely used in every company across the globe to derive crucial insights from the generated data. Here, you will understand how to analyze a dataset and discover the hidden patterns using the programming language R. So, let’s get started!

You will learn the below topics in this Data Analytics Using R:
1. Why Data Analytics – 1:30
2. What is Data Analytics – 6:36
3. Data Analytics Lifecycle – 8:17
4. Types of Analytics – 15:38
5. Benefits of using R – 20:35
6. Demo – 21:51

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This Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics, in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM, will make you an expert in data analytics. In this Data Analytics course, you’ll learn analytics tools and techniques, the languages of R and Python (with no prior programming experience required), how to create data visualizations with Tableau, and how to apply statistics and analytics in a business environment. Simplilearn’s PGP in Data Analytics will provide you with extensive expertise in the booming data analytics and data science fields.

Key features:
1. Purdue Post Graduate Program Certification
2. Purdue Alumni Association Membership
3. Enrollment in Simplilearn’s JobAssist
4. Industry-recognized IBM certificates
5. 180+ hours of Blended Learning
6. 14+ hands-on projects on integrated labs
7. Capstone Project in 3 Domains
8. Masterclasses from Purdue faculty

Skills covered:
1. Data analytics
2. Statistical analysis using Excel
3. Data analysis: Python & R
4. Data visualization: Tableau & PowerBI
5. Linear and logistic regression modules
6. Clustering using k-meansSupervised learning

Program details:
Fast track your career in the data analytics field via a comprehensive curriculum covering the concepts of data analytics and statistics foundation, analyzing data using Python and R programming languages, interacting with databases using SQL, and visualizing the data using Tableau and powerBI.

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    December 3, 2020

    Can u upload Topic Modelling using R. i.e suppose, We have lot of feedback/comments from customers/need to identify content automatically from their feedback. whether these feedback belongs to technical issue, customer service or quality, or price ? Need to categorise automatically. is this possible? using R

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    Very clear & easy explanation . Presenter is explaining each and every code in details. would like to have more modules on R .

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    Please will u send related material and datasets to my mail

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    Thank you for the video, very useful.
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    Will you make data analytics using python?

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    Thank you for this! Watching it now!

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