#DataVisualization of people votes. Land doesn’t vote. People do.


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#DataVisualization of people votes. Land doesn’t vote. People do. https://t.co/KmIULPsgC7


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  1. #Free MIT Courses on Calculus: The Key to Understanding #DeepLearning #KDN https://t.co/laJQ9K9S9S
  2. Accelerated Natural Language Processing: A #Free Amazon #MachineLearning University Course #KDN https://t.co/mf57rWampM
  3. Essential data science skills that no one talks about – KDnuggets https://t.co/TN1rue3WY0 https://t.co/51l2d7K1lh
  4. U.S. election maps are wildly misleading, so this designer fixed them https://t.co/7SenepjN04 https://t.co/nBVKzLepO9
  5. Top Certificates and Certifications in #Analytics, #DataScience, #MachineLearning and AI #KDN https://t.co/OGJYwZFMTu
  6. Change the Background of Any Image with 5 Lines of Code – KDnuggets https://t.co/0dDssacKI6 https://t.co/QGPbvV9DbX
  7. The world of machine learning — and software — is changing. Read this article to find out how, and what you can do to stay ahead of it.
    https://t.co/bAhvS0ZKpt https://t.co/6xS9Ms2IJf
  8. 4 #Free Math Courses to do and Level up your #DataScience Skills #KDN https://t.co/gR82oVJKe2
  9. BERT, RoBERTa, DistilBERT, XLNet: Which one to use? #KDN https://t.co/jT8S6PuEBJ
  10. Securing a job in #DataScience, #AI, #MachineLearning cryptography, and other tech fields requires strong #math skills. Register (free) to Math for Data Science conf, Nov 17, and learn from statisticians and math masters @ManningBooks https://t.co/dVWbIN1i3A #manningontwitch https://t.co/DUMh6inQRV


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