Ep.14 Hiring Process for Data Scientists at LinkedIn | Data Science As A Career


With such a rich member data, LinkedIn can provide aspiring data scientists with an opportunity to explore and apply their knowledge like no other. Collaborating with product managers, engineers, and others, the company’s data science team can leverage billions of data points to help drive data-driven business decisions for the company.

Susan Mathew, Head HR at LinkedIn India, has been associated with the company for over half a decade now. This has made her privy to the changes in the hiring landscape that came with the emergence of new tech roles in the last few years.

Check out the video for an inside view of the hiring process of Data Scientists.
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  • Analytics India Magazine
    December 12, 2020

    Can you recruitment process of data scientist with 2 years of experience in a typical company

  • Analytics India Magazine
    December 12, 2020

    Why can't you make videos on basic roles such as data analyst it is very important . After graduating no one can be able to become data scientist . If you are from the top institutes such as IITs then only you would able to get such positions . Then what about the person who not from an very well known reputed ones . Definitely he or she could go for an analyst role.My only suggestion or the advice that I would give is to focus on the basic roles such as data analyst and then explain the path that we should follow and the next thing there's a lot of confusion in our mind that which skill we should learn first . Ok it is very good your videos are good but you should follow the basic ones and next the which skill and career path that we should follow. Focus on these.

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