Episode 6 – 9 Skills A Data Scientist Must Have


For a few years now, many innovative things have been happening around emerging technologies like data science and machine learning. The industry has seen a rapid increase in demand for data analysts and data scientists within a short span of time.
Analytics India Magazine conducted #DataScience Skills Study to understand key trends driving skills economy and how data scientists’ toolchains are evolving. In this video, we have culled insights from our informative survey to come up with a cheat sheet with 9 must-have skills analytics and #machinelearning enthusiasts should know about.

Link to the Data Science Skill Study conducted by Analytics India Magazine.



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  • Analytics India Magazine
    November 28, 2020

    1. Python
    2. Python libraries
    3. Knowledge of gpu hardware and cuda
    4. Deep understanding of algorithm
    5. Having great comfort with cloud service providers
    6. Strong command over visualisation tool
    7. Knowing your way around GitHub
    8. Notebook as a choice of IDE
    9. Expertise in Hadoop

  • Analytics India Magazine
    November 28, 2020

    Very informative thank you

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