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In this video, you will learn more about Feature Importance in Decision Trees using Scikit Learn library in Python. You will also learn how to visualise it.

Decision trees are a type of supervised Machine Learning. There are 2 types of Decision trees – classification(categorical) and regression(continuous data types).

Decision trees split data into smaller subsets for prediction, based on some parameters. By making splits using Decision trees, one can maximize the decrease in impurity. The condition is represented as leaf and possible outcomes are represented as branches.

Decision trees can be useful to check the feature importance. We can look for the important features and remove those features which are not contributing much for making classifications.

The importance of a feature, also known as the Gini importance, is the normalized total reduction of the criterion brought by that feature.

Get the feature importance of each variable along with the feature name sorted in descending order of their importance. Then you can drop variables that are of no use in forming the decision tree.

The decreasing order of importance of each feature is useful. You can plot this as well with feature name on X-axis and importances on Y-axis on a bar graph.

This graph shows the mean decrease in impurity against the probability of reaching the feature.

For lesser contributing variables(variables with lesser importance value), you can decide to drop them based on business needs.
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