How to Survive Christmas as a Data Scientist | by Isabelle Flückiger | Dec, 2020


1. Search for some data to plot stem-leaf diagrams in the form of a Christmas tree

2. Fit some neural networks to predict the minutes until the next time “Last Christmas” from Wham! is played on the radio

3. Develop a classifier for reindeer

Photo references see below [1]

4. Bring Santa Claus and Rudolph to the cloud

Image by ClaudiaWollesen from Pixabay

5. Create your Christmas Story with some natural language generation algorithm

6. Predictive Maintenance for Santa Claus’ sleigh

7. Develop facial recognition for the Santa Claus

Image by Lucy Chibimundo on Pixabay prepared by Isabelle Flückiger

8. Predict the weight of the presents on the sleigh with linear regression

9. Optimize the path of Santa Claus in your region/country

10. Build a robot reindeer

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