How to Use Data Visualization in Business Intelligence to Transform Dry Reports


Presenting data and statistics in business reports doesn’t need to be boring. This video will show you how to use data visualization to instantly spice up your business intelligence reports. Visme can help to create beautiful charts and graphs. It’s free:

Eight seconds. that’s about how long it takes to tie a shoe…the amount of time bill gates makes roughly $2,000…and just under how fast Usain Bolt runs 100 meters! It’s also how long the average human’s attention span is. And when it comes to plain, dry business intelligence reports, it’s likely even shorter.

Studies show that one of the most fundamental ways to help people today cope with information overload is to visualize it. In layman’s terms, this means drawing it out as a graph, plotting it on a map or even using data to create an interactive diagram.

By mapping out data visually, it is not only easier to digest and understand important information, it is easier to discover key patterns, significant trends and compelling correlations which may have otherwise been challenging to unveil.

Bottom line: you don’t just understand what’s happening; you understand why.

In this video, Mike with Visme shows you how to present data visually for:

1. Accounting Departments
– Expense Reports
– Financial Dashboards

2. Marketing and Sales Departments
– Engagement Trends
– CRM Snapshots

3. Human Resource Departments
– Learning Management Reports
– Hiring Source Reports

4. Tech Teams
5. Leadership

Transform boring business reports into visually engaging masterpieces with these data visualization tips.

Want to learn more? Check out this detailed blog post from Visme’s Visual Learning Center:




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