Kaggle Mini Courses – Data Visualization


Join us for our 4th adventure on our journey to deep learning and data science in general πŸŽ‰ We are refreshing our toolkit with some traditional tools like data visualization, machine learning, SQL and as always, deep learning. We are taking the Kaggle Mini Courses as a group so join us, study ahead and volunteer to lead a session!

The courses are free, and you can now earn certificates. Just bring your curiosity and get ready to meet our growing community πŸ˜€

– Introductions and get to know our community

– Deep Learning Adventures – Coding Presentation:
We will be following the course material and exercises at:

1 Hello, Seaborn
Your first introduction to coding for data visualization

2 Line Charts
Visualize trends over time

3 Bar Charts and Heatmaps
Use color or length to compare categories in a dataset

4 Scatter Plots
Leverage the coordinate plane to explore relationships between variables

5 Distributions
Create histograms and density plots

6 Choosing Plot Types and Custom Styles
Customize your charts and make them look snazzy

7 Final Project
Practice for real-world application

8 Creating Your Own Notebooks
How to put your new skills to use for your next personal or work project

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