KDD 2020 Recognizes Winning Teams of 24th Annual KDD Cup


Throughout 4 Competitors Tracks, KDD Cup 2020 Tackled E-Commerce, Generative Adversarial Networks, Automated Graph Illustration Studying, Automated Machine Studying, Mobility-on-Demand (MoD) Platforms and Reinforcement Studying

KDD 2020, the premier interdisciplinary convention in knowledge science, acknowledged over sixty successful groups on this yr’s KDD Cup competitors, which came about just about Aug. 23-27, 2020. As one of many first competitions of its form, the KDD Cup is understood for fixing business challenges by crowdsourcing participation, whereas additionally offering a platform for aspiring and skilled knowledge scientists alike to construct their skilled profiles and community with main professionals within the area.

“In 2020, KDD Cup coordinated an unprecedented 4 parallel competitors tracks to supply knowledge scientists the chance to sort out rising disciplines like adversarial studying and deep studying,” stated Iryna Skrypnyk, co-chair of KDD Cup 2020 and director of AI and machine studying at EVERSANA. “Given the variety of taking part groups from across the globe, winners on this yr’s competitors had been separated by the slimmest of margins. The 2020 KDD Cup finally awarded over sixty groups as every options introduced fascinating findings in methodologies and architectures.”

This yr’s competitors was supported by contributions of knowledge units and monitor challenges from Alibaba, BienData, DiDi Chuxing, and 4Paradigm with sponsorship from ChaLearn, Duke College, Google, Stanford College, Tsinghua College, and the College of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Over 4,500 groups registered for the KDD Cup and competitors winners had been chosen by a wholly automated course of. KDD Cup 2020 winners embrace:

  • KDD Cup Monitor 1: Common Machine Studying Competitors – Challenges for Fashionable E-Commerce Platform
    • First place on the multimodalities recall job went to Workforce WinneTheBest,” which included Kuei-Chun Huang, Chi-Yu Yang and Ken-Yu Lin. Runner ups included Workforce “MTDP_CVA” with Kai Zuo, Chao Ma, Dongshuai Li, Zuo Cao, Xing Xu; and Workforce “aister” with Jianqiang Huang, Yi Qi, Ke Hu, Bohang Zheng, Mingjian Chen, Xingyuan Tang, Tan Qu and Jun Lei.
    • First place on the debiasing job went to Workforce “aister,” which included Jianqiang Huang, Yi Qi, Ke Hu, Bohang Zheng, Mingjian Chen, Xingyuan Tang, Tan Qu and Jun Lei. Second place was awarded to Workforce “DeepWisdom” with Jin Zhou, Taicheng Guo, Binhao Wu, Chengxuan Ying, Ruirui Guo, Youcheng Xiong, Jinlin Wang and Chenglin Wu. Third place went to Workforce “TheAvengers,” which included Runxing Zhong, Ziwen Ye, Rui Li, Jin Wei, Yuanfei Luo, Xiufeng Shu, and Hengxing Cai.
  • KDD Cup Monitor 2: Common Machine Studying Competitors – Adversarial Assaults and Protection on Educational Graphs
    • The primary place prize went to Workforce “SPIET-卓工,” which included Qinkai Zheng, Yixiao Fei, Yanhao Li, Qingmin Liu, Minhao Hu and Qibo Solar. Second place was awarded to Workforce “ADVERSAIRES” with Jintang Li, Yang Liu, Jiaying Peng, Zulun Zhu, Zengxu Cao and Yangjun Xu. Third place went to Workforce “DaftStone” with Chenwang Wu.
  • KDD Cup Monitor 3: Automated Machine Studying Competitors – AutoML for Graph Illustration Studying
    • First place went to Workforce “aister” that consisted of Jianqiang Huang, Xingyuan Tang, Mingjian Chen, Jin Xu, Bohang Zheng, Yi Qi, Ke Hu and Jun Lei. Second place was given to Workforce “PASA_NJU” with Guanghui Zhu, Zhuoer Xu, Mengchuan Qiu, Feng Cheng and Wenjie Wang; and third place went to Workforce “qqerret” with Zhenzhe Ying.
  • KDD Cup Monitor 4: Reinforcement Studying Competitors – Studying to Dispatch and Reposition on a Mobility-on-Demand Platform
    • First place on the order dispatching job went to Workforce “Polar Bear,” which consisted of Yansheng Wang, Dingyuan Shi, Yuanfei Luo, Maoxiaomin Peng, Yi Xu and Yongxin Tong. Second place went to Enming Liang of Workforce “EM” and third place went to Workforce “Hail Mary” with Alexander Contryman, Benjamin Han and Jacob van Gogh.
    • First place on the car repositioning job went to Workforce “Tlab,” which included Fanyou Wu, Yang Liu, Cheng Lyu, and Zhiyuan Liu. Second place went to Workforce “wait a minute,” which included Yifeng Zhang, Cong Fu, Yu Fan, Fanming Luo, Jingcheng Pang, Shengyi Jiang, Tian Xu and Zhengmao Zhu. Third place went to Workforce “NTTDOCOMO LABS,” which included Tsukasa Demizu, Norihiro Katsumaru and Hiroyuki Suzuki.

Along with Skrypnyk, KDD Cup 2020 was co-chaired by Jie Tang, professor of Pc Science at Tsinghua College, and Jieping Ye, vice chairman of analysis at Didi Chuxing and affiliate professor of Pc Science on the College of Michigan. Claudia Perlich, senior knowledge scientist at Two Sigma, served as an advisor to the committee.

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