Labels and Annotations using Matplotlib and Seaborn in Python – Tutorial 9 in Jupyter Notebook


Python for Data Science Tutorial in Which you will learn how to label and annotate graphs in python using matplotlibs , seaborn , numpy and pandas in Jupyter notebook (Anaconda). You will learn:

1. Labeling Plot feature
2. Adding a legend to your plots
3. Annotating your Plots

Download Link for Cars Data Set:

Download Link for Enrollment Forecast:

Download Link for Iris Data Set:

Download Link for Snow Inventory:

Download Link for Super Store Sales:

Download Link for States:

Download Link for Spam-base Data Base:

Download Link for Parsed Data:

Download Link for HTML File:



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  • TheEngineeringWorld
    December 25, 2020

    Thank you so much, I was searching forever how to title a seaborn graph, favourited this vid!

  • TheEngineeringWorld
    December 25, 2020

    will u please add more videos on data annotation

  • TheEngineeringWorld
    December 25, 2020

    The best Python tutorial for Data Scientist – actionable and insightful.

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