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The Natural Language Processing video gives you a detailed look at the science of applying machine learning algorithms to process large amounts of natural language data. NLP is driving the growth of the AI market, and this video helps you develop the skills required to get started with NLP & text mining. Now, lets get started and understand NLP in detail.

Below topics are explained in this NLP & text mining tutorial:
1. Learning Objectives : 00:14
2. Overview of Text Mining : 00:22
3. Significance of Text Mining : 02:33
4. Applications of Text Mining : 04:00
5. Natural Language ToolKit Library : 06:22
6. Text Extraction and Preprocessing: Tokenization : 08:57
7. Text Extraction and Preprocessing: N-grams : 09:31
8. Text Extraction and Preprocessing: Stop Word Removal : 10:27
9. Text Extraction and Preprocessing: Stemming :11:51
10. Text Extraction and Preprocessing: Lemmatization : 12:35
11. Text Extraction and Preprocessing: POS Tagging : 13:11
12. Text Extraction and Preprocessing: Named Entity Recognition : 14:28
13. NLP Process Workflow : 15:23
14. Demo: Processing Brown Corpus : 16:17
15. Structuring Sentences: Syntax : 26:21
16. Rendering Syntax Trees : 28:16
17. Structuring Sentences: Chunking and Chunk Parsing : 29:10
18. NP and VP Chunk and Parser : 30:48
19. Structuring Sentences: Chinking : 32:28
20. Context-Free Grammar (CFG) : 34:12
21. Demo: Structuring Sentences : 36:09

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    January 2, 2021

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  • Simplilearn
    January 2, 2021

    Its an outstanding lecture, cover almost every bit of concept of NLP with practical example as well. I will say its all about from Zero to Hero in NLP. Thankyou Sir for sharing such a great lecture.

  • Simplilearn
    January 2, 2021

    Sir my name is mohith I am final year BE student can you help me out some doubt on nlp I am working on data generalization and data sanitization our task is identifying given text weather it is sanitized or not generalized or not how it work in python can you help out sir please…. it is helpfull to me

  • Simplilearn
    January 2, 2021

    Hello, do you have a tutorial about NLP (such as sentiment analysis? using CNN method in python?

  • Simplilearn
    January 2, 2021

    Thanxalott ! you guys are ways better than my college !

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