Neural Network from Scratch in Python


What is a neural network and how does it remember things and make decisions? That’s what we examine in this video. We will explore the basic math behind the inner workings of a feed-forward neural net and I try to explain it as easily as possible. This is supposed to be a neural nets for dummies video. 🙂 And along the way, we will together implement our own neural net in Python from scratch.

If you are interested in deep learning, machine learning, ai or data science, this video might be a good start in the world of artificial neural networks for you!

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00:00 Intro
00:59 What you will learn
01:50 What is a neural network?
03:48 The math of a neuron
09:39 The activation function
12:25 Programming a neuron
15:42 Limitations of one neuron
17:27 Constructing the XOR-Net
18:38 Programming the XOR-Net

The code written in this video can be found on GitHub:

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■ Biological Neuron Illustration By Quasar Jarosz at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,



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  • Kie Codes
    January 5, 2021

    Hey Coders! 🤓
    In this video, we will write our first neural net from the ground up. No external libraries needed. On the way, we will also explore the math of a neural net. And I really tried to make it understandable, even if you don't consider yourself a math genius. Please let me know if this video helped you to understand NNs a little bit better. Cheers! 🥃

  • Kie Codes
    January 5, 2021

    Are these sound effects from Half-Life 2?

  • Kie Codes
    January 5, 2021

    Fascinating stuff. I'd like to learn more about the types of problems and also the types of data-structures that neural nets are suited to.

  • Kie Codes
    January 5, 2021

    Brilliant! Thanks for putting this together. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Kie Codes
    January 5, 2021

    Show me the Neurons!

  • Kie Codes
    January 5, 2021

    Can't wait any longer, must watch this video 😳

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