Seaborn scatter plot | How to make and style a scatterplot in Python seaborn


This seaborn scatter plot video covers what a scatter plot is and how to make a scatterplot using Python seaborn. I also explain how to style your scatter plots by changing the marker size, the marker color, and marker style. Each of these three properties can also be used to convey additional information in your seaborn scatterplot.

0:00 What is a scatter plot?
0:58 CODE – How to build a scatter plot in seaborn
3:43 Showing information through marker color, style, and size
4:15 CODE – Marker color, style, size in seaborn
9:10 CODE – Styling the marker with matplotlib
10:30 Conclusion

Github code:

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  • Kimberly Fessel
    November 21, 2020

    thanks!! this helped a lot

  • Kimberly Fessel
    November 21, 2020


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