The Importance of Data Analytics


If you are wondering the importance of data analytics I want to break down some key factors to highlight why data analytics is important.
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Data analytics is important because of it allows businesses and individuals like you and me to make decisions based on truth rather than guess work. Data Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for making decisions. Data is power, and with the right data you can grow your influence, income, or your channel in my case because of the raw data that tells you exactly the content or product that the audience has shown an interest.

Here are some questions I often receive concerning data analytics:

– What is the importance of Data Analytics?
– Is Big Data important?
– Why does Big Data matter?
– What is the future of big data?
– What is the future of data analytics?
– Are data analysts important?

The reason data analytics is so important is because of the three basic forms of Analytics. I will use my channel as an example.

1 ) The Importance of Predictive Analytics. Used in order to make predications on how an audience may react or be interested in a specific form of content. According to the data I have in my channels data analytics I can predict what videos my audience may enjoy and watch.

2 ) The Importance of Descriptive Analytics. Consider this the tell all truth portion of analytics. Once I release a piece of content/video to my audience the truth comes out. Over the following weeks the data will tell me exactly how well my content performed and if you were interested. NO feelings, no guesses, just pure facts!

3 ) The Importance of Prescriptive Analytics. Finally we create a prescription based off of the original predictions and the found description and we form a solution and launch again. Data analytics is a fascinating tool that allows me to hone my skills as I produce content and try to deliver exactly what my audience is wanting to view and learn.


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  • Ben G Kaiser
    January 1, 2021

    i dont like this videoo purely because i had to watch this in class

  • Ben G Kaiser
    January 1, 2021

    Hate comment

  • Ben G Kaiser
    January 1, 2021

    you dont even explain what the second one is like… how? how? how do you make such a bad video?

  • Ben G Kaiser
    January 1, 2021

    Hello Ben,

    I came across your videos and thanks a lot for such an easy explanations. I am having an undergraduate degree in engineering with some basic coding languages. I want to get into data analytics and move into product management roles later in my career. How can I start off my career and which domain I must start into ?

    My personal interest is into IT or Supply Chain of Retail,FMCG.

  • Ben G Kaiser
    January 1, 2021

    Thanks alot.. could you please tell me what is the relation between Data analysis and python and SAP HANA ? Where and which materials should I practice to be a Data analytist as a python developer.
    Many thanks again for very nice unique explenation in videos

  • Ben G Kaiser
    January 1, 2021

    I'm taking a data analytics class and what examples can I use in my everyday life to practice my analysis

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