The Year 2020: Analyzing Twitter Users’ Reflections using NLP | by Jessica Uwoghiren | Dec, 2020


A Sentiment Analysis Project using Python and Tableau

Jessica Uwoghiren
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash
Twitter Sentiment Analysis Project Flowchart (Image developed by Jessica Uwoghiren via Slide Model)

Highlights of Tweet Mining Task

Pandas Data frame showing Tweets dataset (Screenshot from Jupyter Notebook written by Jessica Uwoghiren)
Tweet Processing using Tokenization in NLP (Imaged developed Jessica Uwoghiren via Microsoft Visio)
Twitter Users’ 2020 Reflections Word Cloud (Image generated by Jessica Uwoghiren using WordCloud and MatPlotlib library for Python)
Top 10 Words from Twitter Users’ 2020 Reflections (Plot developed by Jessica Uwoghiren via Plotly library for Python)
Simple Sentiment Analysis Illustration (Image developed by Jessica Uwoghiren via Microsoft Visio )
Distribution of Sentiment Categories based on Tweets from 12 to 25 December 2020 about the Year 2020 (Plot generated by Jessica Uwoghiren using Plotly library for Python)

Fun fact: I learned how to use Tableau in two hours using this Tableau Community Tutorial on December 23rd. This was after I discovered that I could not publicly share my dashboard created using Microsoft PowerBI. Also, the entire project took me two weeks since I had to combine it with my full-time job.

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