What shape will data take in our future?


What shape will data take in our future?

Should data rights be part of our human rights? What’s the role of the citizen and communities in shaping data innovation? And how can disadvantaged communities be empowered to enter the data science community? These will be just some of the audience questions being asked of Insider’s expert panel at tomorrow’s special Insider Online Forum.

The digital event – Data and the Tech of Tomorrow – takes place tomorrow, January 20, at 11am. It’s free to register to watch the panel and audience debate live – and to pose your own questions. Sign up here.

The digital panel and audience debate, sponsored by the West of England Institute of Technology, will bring together a range of experts to discuss how we can best tackle data in the coming years, to ask what skills need to be developed in the workforce of tomorrow, and to examine how and why the South West is emerging as a cluster of data science expertise.

The panel features Claire Arbery, director, West of England Institute of Technology, Ian Risk, chief technical officer, Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), Zara Nanu, chief executive, Gapsquare and Helen Tanner, chief executive, Data3.

David Clensy, editor of South West Business Insider, who will chair the discussion, said: “The way we handle and manipulate “big data” will impact every element of our daily lives, and for businesses this means both challenges and opportunities.

“But the impact of data science will also bring major benefits to the wider society – from the ways we tackle climate change to the ways we access health and social care; data science could be key to dealing with a whole range of societal problems, and bring more diversity to our workforce. There is a lot to discuss in what promises to be a fascinating debate.”

Register now for the event via this link.

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